May 26, 2016

Patti Grier

“I support Jeromy because he has the skills and experience to bring good governance to Calgary City Council. He will be an effective, accountable, and responsive voice for Ward 11.

Jeromy knows that democracy is not just about those who speak the loudest. He will work hard to ensure that all groups, particularly the most vulnerable, have opportunities to participate meaningfully in the decision-making process.

Jeromy’s record shows a commitment to evidence over ideology. He will make the best use of the available people, resources and time to deliver the best possible results. He won’t forget that he works for us.”

Patti Grier

– Alderman, City of Calgary (1995-2000)

Ald. Patti Grier was the Alderman for much of Ward 11 from 1995-2000. In addition to serving on a number of City committees and other boards, Patti has a record of excellence and leadership in policy, government, and nonprofits.